Mỗi Ngày Sau Khi Kết Hôn Đều Thật Là Thơm

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Mỗi Ngày Sau Khi Kết Hôn Đều Thật Là Thơm

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Giới thiệu nội dung Mỗi Ngày Sau Khi Kết Hôn Đều Thật Là Thơm:

Du An Đồng, a person with congenital heart disease, has always been careful and cautious in his daily life, never even imagining that he would die from a traffic accident. In his last moments, all he felt was regret for wasting his short youth.

But, he finds himself miraculously reincarnated into a with a healthy body and a chance to live life to the fullest. However, when he opens his eyes, he realizes that he is married to the renowned Hình Lệ Hiên, the dream lover of many in the city.

At first, Hình Lệ Hiên is unimpressed with his petite and peculiar-looking new spouse, but as time goes on, he becomes thoroughly enamored with Du An Đồng’s charm and quirkiness. Their daily life is filled with happiness and love, even though both are surprised by their unexpected marriage.

But, when Du An Đồng suddenly becomes pregnant only six months after their wedding, he freaks out and begs for a divorce. However, Hình Lệ Hiên, being the faithful husband he is, tries to calm his wife down and convince him not to go through with it.

Despite rumors that their marriage will end in divorce, their love for each other grows stronger. Hình Lệ Hiên proves to be a doting husband who cherishes every quirk and idiosyncrasy of his wife, and Du An Đồng discovers the joy of living life to the fullest.

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